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Starting from 2023 we're ready to host your dissemination activities. We know how important results-sharing is and believe we have a great space with 1600 engaged members to do so.

What's important: your project target group should be similar to Erasmus+ Youth Academy (NGO leaders/staff, youth workers & youth leaders, project managers).

Also, you can include dissemination activities already on the project application stage. If interested, please fill in the form and let's discuss what's possible.
Examples of Dissemenation
KA2 Small-scale ‘NGO.Sustainable’
- NGO Development Week: 886 people reached via FB-lives
- 8 posts in E+ Academy Guide
- 747 reached via Academy newsletter
- NGO.Sustainable course published on YouTube
- 12 NGOs mentored
Erasmus+ Ideathon: Bansko Edition
- 107 participants enrolled to ‘KA2 Small-scale challenge’
- Over 15 projects applied for the deadline
- 11 posts published in the Academy, engagement - 539 people
- 8 videos - on YouTube channel, 551 views in total
- Separate Guide and chat created
- Padlet KA2 Library created.
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FB-lives or/and YouTube videos

Possible Formats

Posts/Polls in Erasmus+ Youth Academy
Long formats
Challenge, a series of webinars, a series of publications (Guide)

Publication of your Guides/online courses on E+ Academy website

Personalized format based on your needs

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