writing challenge
A 14-day FREE online challenge to help you easily write your first Erasmus+ Youth KA1 project and submit it for European funding

Dates: 12.04 - 26.04.2021

While daily videos will be accessible only for 24 hours, self-paced learning allows you to access materials at your own pace anytime during the challenge and 3 months after it.
Self-paced learning
Apart from a daily email with a reminder and useful links, you'll also receive access to all the presentations and templates from already approved Erasmus+ KA1 projects.
Bonus materials
You don't need to do it alone. Challenge facilitators are here to help you reach a desired final result. You can opt-in for a short 30-mins private consultation or a month-long mentorship support.
Personalised feedback
Our community is not funded by any European program. If you want to support us, you can purchase one of the options, and all raised funds will be used for community development.
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All raised funds will be used for the community development.
Challenge options
Upgrade - 29 €
Mentorship - 229 €
Daily videos in FB community with 24h access
Daily emails with a reminder and useful links
A 3-months access to all recorded videos and materials
Private 30-min session in Zoom
Private mentorship**
in total 4 hours over 30 days
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