Youth Academy
Educational project for coordinators and grant writers of Erasmus + and the European Solidarity Corps projects
We help non-formal education enthusiasts to:
Create bright ideas

Receive European funding

Manage projects effectively

This European Union program aims to support projects in the fields of education, vocational training, youth and sports.
In 2021 - 2027 the budget for Erasmus + projects is 26 billion Euro, and the program itself is becoming even more inclusive and international.

The topics of digital transformation and sustainable development, equality and inclusion, active participation and stable employment, mental and physical health are becoming priorities.

What does this mean? Now is the perfect time to explore the world of Erasmus +. And for those who are actively using the capabilities of the program already - to develop skills and reach new levels.
You have not worked with the Erasmus + and ESC programs before, but your goal is geographic expansion of the projects and European funding attraction
NGO leaders
You participated in Erasmus+ and/or ESC programs, and now you want to organise own project, but don't know where to start
Youth leaders
You work with European programs and your goal is to receive grants regularly and manage projects strategically
Project managers
You like grant writing and you wish to do it professionally and become a in-demand specialist on the projects market
Grant writers
For whom?
What do we offer?
Online Community
Stay up to date with the latest news and share your experience with foreign colleagues.
Online Academy
Learn about the details of the Erasmus + and ESC programs with courses taught by experts.
Coming soon
We offer private mentorship to people who complete one of our E+Writing Challenges.
Our objectives
setting up projects for programmes Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps in compliance with European Union priorities
to the quality improvement and acknowledgement of youth work and non-formal education in programme and partner countries
non-formal education standards and methods in the participating organisations
with the necessary tools, knowledge and skills for an effective Erasmus+ Youth and ESC project management
ideas for further cooperation and develop partnerships between the organisations involved
young people and youth work professionals with fewer opportunities in international mobility projects
Project Founders
Anna Webster
Grantwriter of projects for NGOs in Europe and the CIS,
NFE trainer and mentor.

Anna has 20 years of experience with programs Youth, Youth in Action, Erasmus + as the leader of 2 NGOs in Estonia and the UK. Besides, she was an external assessor in the UK national agency for 8 years.

Since 2009 educational programs author and trainer, main themes on project management, grant writing, fundraising, media and communications.

Anna will help you to go not only from an idea to fundraising but even further - to the sustainable project management and detailed reporting.
Yulia Markos
Strategic leader at Synergy Bulgaria, project coordinator, coach and mentor.

Starting from 2015 she coordinated four generations of volunteers in Croatia and Bulgaria, consulted numerous NGOs on Erasmus+ and ESC programs, and trained in 3 different countries.

With her experience in the business sector, Yulia combines Erasmus+ rules and business approach. Her professional interests for today are sustainable development of NGOs and KA2 projects with a budget over 100,000 euros.

Yulia will share her experience in funding volunteering projects, strategic approach to running NGOs and project management.
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